Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 24

i usually feel very excited in April. especially on the 24th of the month. 

but everything is very different this year. i won't be able to send you messages. i won't be able to call you and talk to you. i won't have the chance to video call you and let Sofea sings you a birthday song. 

you would have turned 58 today, abah. sometimes i think you were gone too soon. there are still many things that i want to tell you. there are so so many of other things. but Allah loves you more than we do. so He takes you with him. and i'm sure you are a lot better there :) 

i feel your presence still. and i feel like you are still here with us. i still have your photos. and i look at them whenever i am free. and i saw a man that i love so much. who sacrificed a lot, who did a lot.

you know, i just miss you a little more today :') 

Monday, April 18, 2016

i'm back & i'm okay

i'm back.

and for those who asked, thanks a lot. even i don't reply to some of you but i read all of your messages.

i feel better knowing that my father is now in a better place. and his pain is gone. everyone feels very empty since he left as he used to be every where with us. his calls and messages are the one i truly missed.

he was my best friend. the closest one and the coolest one too. we shared a lot of stories and problems. we exchanged ideas and advices. he jokes a lot with his kids ( now semua pn dah tua ) but he was still charming until his last breath.

thank you Allah for sending us such a beautiful soul to us. he was simply amazing and the best.

" 9 April 2016, perginya seorang kekasih, dalam seribu tidak ketemu, dalam sejuta hanya satu " - Fahmi Khalid

Monday, April 11, 2016

rest well, abah !

there is no cure for amyloidosis. 
it can be deadly dangerous when it attacks your kidney or liver. without treatment, many patients lost their battle of amyloidosis within two years of diagnosis.

it is indeed a very very rare disease. 
and i lost my beloved father to this. he fought very bravely until the end. my heart aches seeing his condition deteriorated. everytime. 

and now he is in a better place. rest well my hero !

al fatihah  & i love you