Monday, May 8, 2017

Bawal Exclusive for Kids

happy lunch time all,

i had my best Nasi Kak Wok just now and felt a bit sleepy by now. haha thank you kepada yang belanja the office. long live and murah rezeki 😍

just to share about my experience with Bawal Exclusive. everyone knows that i love bawal ( voile ) and the swarovski. since i only put on simple shirts/ jubah etc so i just have my tudung to be a bit accessorized. 

ramai yang cakap bawal exclusive ni mahal. even some gave nasty comments. it hurts, better not to comment anything la kot kan. rezeki orang beza beza. and citarasa orang pon berbeza.

i just love #bawalexclusive since the quality has improved tremendously and the colors are vast in selection. i can always design my own thing too. i once did the molecules logo at my scarf from BE. and they are super nice ! 😉

and now that Bawal Exclusive comes out with BE for kids !

i am so super excited. Sofea dah dapat sehelai with a smiley swarovski. she is beyond happy. she's been wanting to have my tudung since so long. she said, mama nnt Sofea nak pakai tudung macam mama 💕

well she's so happy. dah macam Syrian pn ada tengok si Sofea ni. heheh. anyway thank you Kak Liza bagi Sofea tudung siap brooch skali. hehe. moga murah rezeki dan panjang umur. in shaa Allah
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