Friday, July 7, 2017

simple pleasures

i have nothing important to update.
but just a pure sleepy face that needs to tap on my keyboard. yes, nothing special and nothing worth reading. 

i think the age is really catching up. pegi outstation sikit pon dah rasa rentung. perak panas oi ! johor was not that hot aritu. or may be aku memang sejenis mengada yang tak suka kene panas. but what to do. keje is keje. 😑

sekarang still mood raya ke eh ? i dont know since i dont attend open houses. normally i just follow where my parents pegi. since my dad is no longer here, i just stop any kind of such activities. but we go picnic instead. picnic makan lemang and serunding is cool. esok another one 😊

now craved for lemang pulak. esok laa. camane laa tak gemok asek makanan jer dalam kepala. but okay laa fikir makanan dari gosip hal orang tak tentu hala.

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