About Me

Who are You ? 

A political science graduate who don't really understand politics. And do not plan to really understand them. Borned and raised in a small town in Kuala Terengganu until I was seventeen. Then my journey began !

Working as the government servant, the job that my late father really loved.  And I am more than happy to make him proud. Am so keeping this job forever, I guess. 

Still consider myself as the favorite of my late father, everyone can tell this 😄 And I am a mother now. That's the best & toughest job I have ever known. 

Hobbies ?

There are so many things that I love to do. Hence I  have no specific hobby, I guess. But most of my free time, I'll go for foundation hunting. It's seasonal tho. It's a rotation of foundation, lipsticks, blusher and eye shadow.

And at the same time, I love to sell things ( yeay to cover up some expenses / damaged done for the hobby mentioned above ) Then I don't know how it becomes a routine. And making money out of routines is so cool guys. To be honest I trust business a lot. I like the ups and downs. There is so much to learn in business. It's adventurous 💪🏻

What are You Writing ? 

Surprise ! 

No, actually nothing surprise because I really don't know what will I write this time. If you were once read my previous entries, pity you. They are all meaningless 😓 Sorry for wasting your time people. I just feel like, as I grow older I need to be just to myself and being more me. 

I really don't know yet. May be this is only hormones. But I really hope I can share something meaningful. Yes, I hope I can do that.


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